1st Base Introduction

This was by far is my favorite position but I didn't get to play there until my first spring training with the Milwaukee Brewers. I was only 6 feet tall and didn't even own a first base glove at the time! First base is often thought of as a position reserved for left handed, big home run hitters that are tall so I was surprised that I was moved there in the beginning. While being a good hitter that can drive in runs is very important to the position, a good first baseman can also field their position and makes all the other infield positions better by picking balls in the dirt and maximizing their reach on throws that aren't perfect. Being tall can help with the high throws, but a really good first baseman also ranges side to side and even uses the back of the bag well on high throws or to get an easier hop to handle. Often times big first baseman have trouble with their range and footwork around the bag so don't overlook players for this position if you are a coach or a player who has interest playing there.

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