Baseball Definitions

absolutes - Things you must do to be successfull, you can't have your own style. For example, keeping your eye on the ball.
balance point - The position a pitcher needs to get to whether they are throwing out of the stretch or the wind up before they begin to break their hands and get ready to deliver a pitch.
coming set - A pitcher must bring the ball into his glove and pause at this set position the same way before throwing out of the stretch when holding runners on base.
styles - Things you can have a little creative freedom to do your own way. For example, a slightly open stance vs. perfectly straight.
throwing position - Almost the same as the hitting position in regards a good lower half of the body. Feet more than shoulder width apart with 60% of weight on the back leg to gather power. Hands are separated with glove hand slightly bent out in front and throwing hand turned away with elbow above the shoulder.

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