5 Phase Warm-up Program

Phase 1 - Wrist Snaps

Facing your partner with feet shoulder width apart. Using the 4 seam grip with index and middle fingers on top and thumb underneath, hold ball out in front making sure to have elbow higher than shoulder. Cock the ball back so that wrist will lead the way. Pull back slightly but not behind the head. Make sure your two fingers are on top of the ball and snap out in front through the release point. The ball should have good 4 seam rotation. If done properly, you should only be about 5 large steps away from your partner. The object is to work on staying on top and out in front through the release point.

Phase 2 - Hand Separation

With feet in same position as Phase 1, find the four seam grip in the glove after catching the ball with two hands in front of chest. Immediatly spread hands apart. To practice shorter throws, take glove hand out towards the target and baseball straight back and up making sure to turn the ball away from the face (feed the monkey an apple in the tree). For longer throws, wind up a little more and take thumbs down towards the thighs and back up to the separated position.

Phase 3 - Throwing Position

Phase 4 - Follow Through

Phase 5 - Regular Catch

Breaking in and Holding a Glove Properly to Make it Easier to Catch