Online Skype Lessons

Doing a lesson online using Skype is very simple. All you'll need is a location set up to be able to view your hitting, fielding, or throwing mechanics and a computer or smart phone with a video camera and microphone. Most newer laptops, tablets, and smart-phones will work.

Skype video messaging is currently available on the following devices: Windows desktop, Windows, Phone, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phones, Android tablets, and BlackBerry. You can create a free Skype account and request to add us as a contact.

Our Skype Contact Information to add us as a contact: Email: | Phone: 0115306244006 | Full Name: Jon Macalutas | Skype Name: baseball_lessons_online

After purchasing your Online Skype Lesson, you can schedule your lesson via text (530) 624-4006 or email: All scheduling for lessons is done using Pacific Standard Time.