Outfield Introduction

Pre-pitch Thoughts

1) Where is the sun? How hard is the wind blowing and what direction? How is the viability for balls coming off of the bat? Do I need to remind the infielders to point out balls in the air for me? How deep are the fences? Are there any funny angles to them and how with the ball come off of them. How deep is the warning track? Are there any benches or chairs in the bullpens I need to be aware of. Where are my other outfielders? How deep should I be playing on this hitter? Do I need to adjust to left or right for this hitter or for the type of count this hitter is in? Do I need to be backing up any bases if someone tries to steal? As you can see there are lots of things to consider to help you be prepared in the outfield before the ball is ever even hit. A good outfielder with will consider these things and end up at the right place at the right time more often by doing so. Join FREE today to learn more about playing the outfield.

Tips and Videos

1) Introduction

2) Essentials

3) Bad Habits

4) Quick Fixes

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