Video Evaluations

Video Evaluations are included in the Premier and MVP membership levels. All you need to do is choose the topic of your lesson and send your video in via email to Limit your video to one minute or less and don't be afraid to include both good and bad examples of your mechanics. Make sure to get as close as possible while keeping the subject's entire body visible in the camera to provide the best video. Film the side view unless otherwise instructed.

In most cases all you'll need is a smart phone with a camera but you can certainly use any video camera to film your footage so long as you can get the footage emailed to me. For those of you who have an iPhone, iTouch or iPad camera, you can use a free app found on Itunes called Ubersense that works great and gives you instant slow motion feedback that I highly recommend. Video can be shared from the app by our email, or through Facebook, or YouTube pages as well.

Another option to take video that works very similarly but is not free is with Coach's Eye. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad mini, iPad and iPad Air and requires iOS 6.0.3 or later for $4.99. It is free for Android devices running 4.0.3 or better and works with rear-facing camera's only. Windows tablets and computers using Windows 8.1 and above can also use this app for $9.99.

If you own a GoPro, you can also send your video via email to using the GoPro app. The GoPro App is compatible with most smartphones and tablets.

If you cannot access either of these apps to do your videoing, any other format we can view will work just fine. If you are having any trouble figuring out a way to video your athlete feel free contact us for help.